Simple programming Language is best.

Tomohiro Iizuka

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In order to manage users of this content management system, use this page. ... (more)

Backup data

You can back up and restore the whole data of this content management system. The data contains whole data, for example, content, cms setting, images, logs, and so on. ... (more)

Making web code editor

Currently, I'm making code editor and script debugger which works on the web browser. I chose The CodeMirror as the code editor, and just finished to make plugin to handle Alinous-Core grammer. Now I'm making the Alinous Programmable CMS. It is very suitable product to write in the Alinous-Core. When you create a website with CMS, I guess sometimes you want to write program partially. This CMS will support such a case. In addition to that, Alinous-Core has some applications for website. Internal SEO cheker toolWeb page access recording and heatmap generationThose application will bun... (more)

Performance of Executing SQL with PostgreSQL on Alinous-Core

Everybody may guess if development is easier, then performence become worse. But by developing Alinous-Core, actually no problem about bad performance. Alinous-Core is written in Java language, and using connection to PostgreSQL via JDBC. And Alinous-Core use precompiled statement as possible as it can. Almost all SQL are executed as precompiled statement. If you are going to use precompile statement in Java or other language, you have to write program to use it. But in the case of Alinous-Core, just write SQL. Alinous-Core has internal SQL compiler and check if executing as precompiled ... (more)

Updated document about thread synchronization

Today added document about Thread synchronization. In Alinous-Core, synchronized block, list like java, is available. http://alinous.org/html/documents/manual/synchronize.html This block has 2 ways about usage. standard synchronized blocknamed synchronized blockThe detail is simply written in the document. This function will used frequently used in Rich Client UI using jQuery. Because conflict of resource access is big enemy for the  Rich Client UI. And I consider distributed servers, such as clustering web server using cloud computing. This lock is available in the tomcat cluster. The Ali... (more)