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Now, I've started to make new sample project. Ofcource it will be free download. It will be included in Alinous-Core IDE, and make it with new project wizard. If we prepare design patterns of Rich UI, we can create high quality application soon. I'm using jQuery library. The Javascript and server-side program co-work well, Ajax dialogTree ControlProgress barAutocompleteare very useful. Once you understand how to use it, you can use the knowledge again and again. I think the samples should be simple. I will also make comprehensive and kind document in the developer section, newly. ... (more)

Next application is web heat map and motion recorder

Now, I'm building new application written in the Alinous-Core. The next application is Free and Opensource Website Motion Recorder and web heatmap generator. When you managing a website, it is very important that visitors view your web page until the last of it. When you make a landing page which is promoted by advertisement, it is significantly important. The next application does below. Record the action visitors do, click, mouse-move, scroll page and window resizingArchive the snapshot of the web pageGenerate heatmap of the mouse moveGenerate heatmap of the page scrollI think thos... (more)

Eight Things to Make a Web Application

Translated 8 things to create a web application. Portlet Connect SQL and HTML Validator Custom validator Basic authentication Form authentication Upload file Make RSS The basic logics to know in order to create web application is not so many. By learning these things you can create most of web applications. For example, cms, ranking site, original hp, business applications using database, and scheduler and so on. By using ajax framework written in Javascript, you can make one with rich UI. Now a day, Javascript libraly like jQuery is very easy to use. Recently, the difference of qual... (more)

Let's make your software automated testing available.

I've almost finished to make tutorial of testing automation for jQuery examples. In this process, I found some of them are not ready for that. The difference between one of testing automation ready and not ready is whether it is accessible with xpath or not. I often use xpath to specify the element in the web browser, so if it is not specified by the xpath, it is impossible to test it by JUnit and selenium, which is out of the web browser. The most easy way to make the web application ready for the xpath is to add attribute which means the identifier of the element. For eexample, thi... (more)

Important Update Alinous-Core IDE and Server

Important Update Alinous-Core IDE and ServerWe did important update of Alinous-Core Eclipse IDE -> 2.1.19Alinous-Core Server -> 2.1.2What's the changeThis time's change is about coding rule about name of database tables and the columns. We use upper case or lower case character in the name. We have used upper case, but PostgreSQL is using lower case, so our default rule changed into lower case. But the program using old version is using upper case. So we can select which case to use. The SELECT sentence's result including column name, so we can select the name is converted into upp... (more)