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To know the access of website's visitors is very important thing. In order to do this, I made the Web Access Recorder. Basis of this software is recording the action of website's visitors by Javascript using JSONP technique. After recording the actions, the web owner can replay the action like below. By watching the experience of visitors, you can easily understand the problem of the web page. In addition to that, you can generate heatmaps. There are 2 types of heatmap. One is mousemove heatmap to do eye tracking, another is window scroll heatmap to check the order of the contents in the landing page. I'm going to bundle this in the new product, which is programmable Content Management System. ... (more)

The jQuery examples source code is available form sourceforge.net

I started to use sourceforge.net. I put the source code of jquery example project in the subversion. How to checkout is in "Create Project" of the alinous.org. The example will be extended, and the Eclipse plugin including the project will be released periodically. But the example in the repository is updated real time. The web page of the project is http://sourceforge.net/projects/alinousjqueryparts/In order to read thesource code, please select the "alinous-jquery-parts" from "Browse Code" menu, like picture below. And go to "trunk" then you can find "Html5Project". This is the sou... (more)

Important Update Alinous-Core IDE and Server

Important Update Alinous-Core IDE and ServerWe did important update of Alinous-Core Eclipse IDE -> 2.1.19Alinous-Core Server -> 2.1.2What's the changeThis time's change is about coding rule about name of database tables and the columns. We use upper case or lower case character in the name. We have used upper case, but PostgreSQL is using lower case, so our default rule changed into lower case. But the program using old version is using upper case. So we can select which case to use. The SELECT sentence's result including column name, so we can select the name is converted into upp... (more)

Updated Server install information and Error handling document

Today, I updated 2 pages. download serverError handlingWe have almost finished to translate my programming language's website. But a lot of functions are added in this 7 years. So there are a little shortage about detail and necessary information to make operations easy. About server install, I added 2 pictures. On using tomcat, we can set the environment variables by making "setenv.sh". It is easy to install it. About error handling The Alinous-Core programming language has error handling function. This is necessary for back ground process which runs in the server side. If error occur... (more)

Updated Alinous-Core IDE 2.0.18 (The server is unchanged)

Today we updated Alinous-Core IDE provided as the Eclipse Plugin. Updated Sample projectJava Connector sample projectRemove Derby database from selection pageFixed bug to connect PostgreSQLThe server module has nothing to do about it. If you are using Alinous-Core Eclipse Plugin, please select "Help" -> "Check for Updates" from Eclipse's top menu, which is on the top of the window. This update is for the lame sample projects. It was 7 years ago that I made it. Currently implementation of mew feature is going on. Especially it is about HTML5 and support to use jQuery. In documentation... (more)